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In his last work at the Theater  , Samia Abreu interprets LOVE. the part  was idealized  by the actress and  main theme  relationships and how it interferes with our lives.
In her last audiovisual work, Samia Abreu was the protagonist of the wébserie Clica no Vacilo on the Choice TV channel on Youtube. The series is about a teenager, who decides to throw a birthday party  hidden from her parents and ends up making a lot of trouble.  
Samia Abreu participated in the film Meus 15 anos with Larissa Manoela. Samia Abreu is the protagonist's deceased mother  Bia (Larissa Manoela)  .  The film  My 15 years  is based on the book of  Luiza Wheat  and still has  Rafael Infante  and  Lorena Queiroz  in the cast.
THE OWNERS OF THE WORLD - on stage at the theater augusta

Samia Abreu is on display with the play

at the  Teatro Santo Agostinho, from 11/03  on 29/04  every Saturday at 7pm.


The show 'Os Donos do Mundo' tells the story of young people who have to live in an abandoned supermarket while looking for an explanation for the sudden disappearance of humanity. In this context, they have their sense of justice and truth put to the test.            

Divided into four acts – 'The End', 'The Ascension', 'The Decline' and 'The Redemption' – the show follows a naturalistic line of interpretation, displacing the reality of the human being to its extreme, as impotence in the face of loss of the loved ones. All kinds of feelings are aroused, including love, hate and greed.

The conflicts of the characters in the show, however, are universal. The show is a synesthetic experience and a deep dive into the human soul. The plot is unsettling and has visceral characters that break the barrier of imagination. 'Os Donos do Mundo' also features a soundtrack of great rock classics, a dynamic setting and powerful interpretations.

Samia Abreu made a special appearance in the soap opera  The Ten Commandments of Record. After 40 years, the slave Talita (Rayane Erlich) appears married to the merchant Jair (Keff Oliveira) and the two have a daughter named Eva, who is the character of actress Samia Abreu.   
Samia Abreu did it  more of  5,000,000  views in your  youtube channel with the  video "Cara de Pau" by Novel Chiquititas SBT.  This was  his last job on tv where he played the fun  character Erica. "It's very gratifying to have been part of a soap opera that was so successful in the past and  that scored  forever, both the first time and now in your remake."
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